Moving a Piano: North London Piano Removals and Transport

North London Piano Tuner

Piano transport and removals is a specialist operation, and it really is best to call in someone expert to undertake the work. We have specialist equipment, and experience from crane lift jobs for grand pianos, to moving the family piano up a few flights of stairs or from room to room - and then some. Quite simply, our staff are fully trained in moving pianos, and can take what might seem a daunting prospect and make it easy.

Although ordinary removers may offer piano removing services, noting the delicate nature of the piano, removals should be carried out by specialists.

Pianos can weigh anywhere from 350lbs to over 1500lbs, they may require moves in tight spaces, with a guarantee of absolutely no damage to the piano.

Steve Droy and his team have many years experience of removing and installing prized instruments. All specialist equipment is available, and for piano moves we organise everything for you.

We undertake London piano removals within the city and suburbs, and also from London to nationwide.

Please call our London office on 0207 254 3114 for more information and advice for London piano removals and transport or just complete our easy booking form.